The Siena Village & Beyond

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Chinnakanal waterfalls

Chinnakanal waterfalls

The Chinnakanal or Powerhouse waterfall is located a few kilometers from The Siena Village. Surrounded by lush high mountains, the river Devikulam is the source of this stunning waterfall. Chinnakanal waterfalls are remarkable as it spreads over an area of 67.33 km2 (26.00 sq mi) with 3,210 families residing in them. The surrounding lush plantations give the waterfalls a classic appearance. You can snap photographs, relax, or can simply sit back and enjoy the fall as much as you like, nobody is going to snap you back from the trance!



At Suryanelli, you are on a journey to experience what it's like to be in the lap of nature. This location was once a highly forested area on the road to Sabarimala, long before the human settlements. The trees were so dense that they almost completely blocked the ground, keeping any sunlight from reaching it. Suryanelli is known for its tea and cardamom plantations, as well as the breathtaking views of mountains, waterfalls, and sunrise. Many endangered animals including the Nilgiri Marten, live in this forest. So, if you're looking for a spot to visit that's off the beaten path, this could be just the place for you!

Mattupetty Lake and Dam

Anayirangal dam & boating center

The Anayirangal Dam is one of Munnar's most beautiful destinations. Enriched with so many attractions, the dam is the location to visit if you want to enjoy the panoramic beauty of the high ranges at its best. The ride via Lockhart estate's exquisite tea gardens and Gap's rock roads provides enormous visual enjoyment. The magnificent vista of the Western Ghat mountains also adds to the beauty of the location. As you take the boat ride, tea plantations can be seen on both sides of the waterfront; one side is a beautiful valley with various levels of tea estates, while the other side is a hill with the tea estates.

Sita devi lake

Sitadevi lake

A hike through endless plantations and forests leads you to the beautiful Sita Devi Lake, where you can soak in the grandeur of Munnar. Waters with healing abilities await you at the end of the trek to reward you with an incredible surprise. The lake of Sita Devi is located at an elevation of 1800 meters (5900 feet) above sea level. The lake, also known as Devikulam (Lake of the Goddess), is said to be connected to the epic Ramayana. According to myth, Goddess Sita Devi is claimed to have bathed in these waters, giving them the power to heal your body and soul.

Eravikulam National Park

Chaturanga para view point

Chathurangapara is a stunning location where you can't help but pinch yourself back to your senses. The hilltop viewpoint is on the state's border with Tamil Nadu. Chathurangapara is a particularly lovely trekking destination for visitors, with a lot of charm all around. Surrounded by windmills, the hilltop offers a panoramic view of the entire Idukki hill area. While the viewpoint is available 24 hours a day, the ideal times to visit are during sunrise or sunset, when the sky and mountains blend together spreading hues of wonders around.


Muthuvankudi tribal village

According to tribal mythology, the 'Muthuvan' people, a hill-farming clan were devoted subjects of the Madurai kingdom. The remaining royal members of the dynasty went to Travancore in central Kerala when the dynasty was toppled. Today, they can be found in the Adimali and Devikulam forest regions of the Idukki district in Kerala. The Muthuvans are strongly independent and averse to interacting with outsiders. If you're lucky, you might be able to meet a couple of their “kudis” and have a casual conversation with them as your stroll around the catchment area!

Eravikulam National Park


Situated over 7,900 feet above sea level, Kolukkumalai is known all over the world for nurturing its rare and flavorful tea leaves. This tea estate is home to a historic tea factory from the mid-twentieth century and never ceases to surprise you! With its breathtaking ambiance and stunning visual splendor of verdant tea gardens, Kolukkumalai offers you a sight of multiple tiny, jaw-dropping peaks around the hills in addition to demonstrating the process of orthodox tea processing.

In & Around Munnar

Chinnar Wildlife sanctuary

Chinnar Wildlife sanctuary (60 km from Munnar)


Echo Point (15 km from Munnar)

Top Station

Top Station (32 km from Munnar)


Marayoor (40 km from Munnar)

Chinnakanal waterfalls

Eravikulam National Park (15 km from Munnar)

Echo Point

Mattupetty Lake and Dam (13 km from Munnar)

The Indo-Swiss Dairy project

The Indo-Swiss Dairy project (15 km from Munnar)