Pepper Mill – The Factory of Taste

When someone says ”Let Us Indulge Your Taste Buds”, you expect them to. At Pepper Mill, we present you a concoction of flavours from all around the world. Your taste buds and you can get ready to ride the roller coaster of Tastes’.
Our contemporary cuisine is like a carefully crafted red velvet cake. Those layers define our creativity and adaptability. Be it Continental; be it Mediterranean, every cuisine is up the sleeves of the talented chefs’ at Pepper Mill. The gourmet extravagance never ends there, because you are yet to taste the spice induced authentic Kerala cuisine. Be it the Chef Special and Special Requests, at Pepper Mill we are ready to hit the Bulls Eye of Taste.
The New Age health conscious needn’t worry, as the ingredients used in the preparation of the dishes are all produce from the in-house ORGANIC FARMING initiative.


Grill – The Barbecue County

Here at “The Siena Village” , we had already said its celebration all along. Our night time special restaurant – Grill is no exception. The night is as good as the day at “The Siena Village”. Even at night those scenic landscapes and the sky would play with colours and play with your imagination to present you with images that would get stuck in your mind forever. Spice it up with a Live barbecue and other tandoor delights. We are always ready to season your nights with a little pinch of entertainment. The warm campfires and chitter-chatter around it, is always welcome. Be engaged in games and musical extravaganzas before sleepy time. You will surely be engaged with both the activities around you and the aroma of well-prepared barbecue dishes. We are sure, you will leave the “Grill” only when both your stomach and mind are full. Come night, Let’s celebrate it Together.