Leigh Hunt said “The Groundwork Of All Happiness Is Health.”

When there is no health, how can there be happiness? Every one of us are busy and leading a hectic life. Its high time, we did something to our own health. What about, we give you some pampering and that long dreamed massage.

Here at “The Siena Village”, we do have a selection of Ayurvedic Packages that suits every body type. Our in-house doctor would examine you and suggest appropriate actions and treatments to be undertaken. One very important thing. By saying Ayurveda & Spa Treatments, doesn’t mean everything to be wet, oily and greasy. We follow proper procedures in giving out Ayurveda & Spa Treatments. Our experienced massage therapists could assist you in restoring your physical, mental and spiritual balance.

You could doze off and enjoy the moments. That tantalizing aroma of fragrance oils will let you glide through.