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Known as Kolukkumalai in Tamil. It’s one the highest peaks in Western Ghats with about 7,130 feet (2,170 m) in height above sea level. World’s highest tea plantations are located here. Due to the high altitude, the tea grown here is famous for its distinct flavour and freshness.



After Anamudi and Mannamalai, Meeshapulimala is the third highest peak in the Western Ghats region. The summit is at a hight of 2,640 m (8,661 ft) above sea level. As Ananamudi is not accessible due to restrictions, Meeshapulimala can be considered as the highest accessible peak in Kerala. It got its name from the way it looks from the south and west sides. The name literarily translates into Tiger Whiskers Mountain. While trekking towards Meeshapulimala, you trek through 8 hills and finally reach the summit. On the way, you could see endless array of Rhododendrons and hear the gurgling streams.

Mattupetty Lake and Dam (13 km from Munnar)

The Mattupetty lake and dam is a mere 13 kms from Munnar. Surrounded by wooded hills and lush tea plantations, this majestic dam forms an imposing backdrop ideal for picnics, trekking or boating.


The Indo-Swiss Dairy project

Neighboring the Mattupetty lake and dam is the unique Indo-Swiss Dairy project. The largest venture of its kind, the Indo Swiss project houses over 100 varieties of high yielding milch cattle and is a fascinating sight for tourists.

Eravikulam National Park (15 km from Munnar)

The 97 Eravikulam National Park was originally declared a sanctuary in 1975, in order to protect the Nilgiri Tahr or mountain goat. Till date, it is one of the last known strong holds of the endangered Tahr.


Rajamalai (15 km from Munnar)

Rajamalai, with its rugged mountain terrain and precipitous cliffs is the natural habitat of the rare Nilgiri Tahr. At 2695 mts above sea level, it remains the last bastion of this famed mountain dweller.

Devikulam (7 km from Munnar)

The hill station of Devikulam lies just 7 kms from Munnar. Its exotic flora and fauna are a feast for the eyes and the picturesque setting of the Sita Devi lake with its mineral waters make for an unforgettable picnic spot ideal for trout fishing.


In and Around Munnar

CSI Christ Church

The Christ Church built by the British in 1910 A.D. is a time capsule in itself. With its stained glass windows and memorial brass plaques, this creation in stone is sure to take you back to the days of colonial India.


Marayoor (40 kms from Munnar)

Marayoor exudes magic with its balmy fragrance of sandalwood trees and a children’s park spread across a hectare of land under the canopy of a single Banyan tree. It is the only place in Kerala that is home to the natural growth of Sandalwood trees-a world away from a world we know.

Top Station (32 kms from Munnar)

Top Station rises 1700 mts above sea level making it the highest point along the Munnar-Kodaikanal road. Home to the rare Neelakurunji (Strobilanthus), that flowers only once every 12 years, this lofty peak offers a panoramic view of the neighboring state of Tamil Nadu.


Echo Point (15 km from Munnar)

En route to top station is a small lake where every loud call made is returned in echoes from the surrounding hills. This is echo point, one of the most heart-warming and fun places to visit.

Chinnar Wildlife sanctuary(60kms from Munnar)

The Chinnar wildlife sanctuary spread across 90.44 sq. kms lies on the borderbetween Kerala and Tamil Nadu. A must see for the more adventurous.

Chinnar Wildlife sanctuary