A holiday at the Siena Village is a unique experience where magical holiday moments create lifelong family memories. To add a little bit more, take the plunge into the great outdoors and experience blissful oneness with nature.

Plantation tour

Life on a plantation is a unique experience in every sense of the word. Quaint plantation houses still standing as a regal legacy of the presence of the British. Tea factories tucked into tiny pockets along the hillside. And the scent of tea emanating from the earth itself.



Little explored trails, animal droppings, rare bird calls and sundry walks on the wild side of this natural haven. Make your "Siena experience" an action packed one. For there’s nothing like a trek amidst the clouds to stir your senses and soothe your spirit.

Tea Garden Visits

Watch charming tea pickers make their sure-footed way across the undulating tea slopes. Moving dots of local colour against a verdant landscape of endless tea gardens. The perfect photo op!


Kolukkumalai Tea Garden

Set off in the wee hours of the morning on a journey of a lifetime. Bone shattering in every sense of the word….but at the end of it, an unforgettable sight awaits you. Sunrise from atop the Kolukkumalai Tea Gardens. Even the most agnostic among us will believe… the divinity of nature.


Sport fishing on one of the many brooks and streams around the Siena Village helps you forget about your woes. Experience the calm and the breeze and the gently falling leaves as you sit by the waterside.