An Escape from normal day to day life. You wished for it. We obliged. Presenting to you the most elegant and lavish rooms in the valley of Munnar.

La Grande – The Suite

standaard rooms

Yes, it is. The Bigger One and the best. La Grande. The suite room on offer at “The Siena Village”.
An all equipped suite room with a Living, and a Dining. You could run the chill away at the fireplace in the room. Spend your mornings and evenings or any time of the day or the night with a hot cup of coffee/tea in the balcony of your suite. The standalone feature of the suite is its Open-Air Jacuzzi. Enjoy to the fullest. Be a little mischievous. Be the Lord of La Grande.

Dyshe – The Deluxe Room

Dyshe – means double in Albanian, and double is more fun. We had carefully played with levels and the aesthetics of a duplex cottage and converted into what we now call the Dyshe.
With a Living room and a fireplace in it, Dyshe is clutter free, and is designed and decorated to offer you with ample amount of space. Choose where to spend your time and decide between the lower and the upper levels and enjoy the beauty of the valley from the balcony and through those wide paned glass windows.

standaard rooms

La Vista – The Extraordinary Standard Room

standaard rooms

The name La Vista was given to it as nothing better explains it. Situated on the ground floor, La Vistas are regular rooms with a private sit-outs. The oomph factor of this room is the garden view and the valley view. While you are at the sit-outs, you will learn to appreciate beauty on a different level. You will be travelling with the wind. Your eyes will be scanning the perimeter for more and more elusive images of the valley and the far beyond.